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Welcome to RAE!

At RAE, we offer a unique shopping experience for those seeking custom scents in candles, bath salts, car fresheners, and massage oil. Our small batch items are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality. Shop with us today and discover a new world of scents!

About RAE

As the heart behind our small business, we warmly welcome you to Rae – a haven of handcrafted treasures. Delve into our world, where candles, bath salts, car fresheners, massage oils, and more are meticulously fashioned in limited quantities. With a dedication to personalization, every creation boasts bespoke scents exclusive to RAE. We take immense pride in the intricacy of our process, sourcing only the finest ingredients to uphold unwavering quality standards. Our purpose is to gift you an exceptional shopping journey as extraordinary as you are. From our soul to yours, we extend heartfelt gratitude for choosing Rae as your haven of choice.

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